How to sell your house

Property values can be reduced by niche home improvements

Keeping your property neutral, without any niche improvements, keeps buyers interested. Having a property filled with niche improvements can seriously damage a positive offer for your property. You must create a blank canvas for buyers. This will result in a quicker property sale, and a more profitable and realistic house valuation. If you are uncertain about your home and its d├ęcor, a builder’s show house is an illustration of what is acceptable.

You live in your property and its your personal space. You may decide to paint your property red. This is not a problem while you are living it, but trying to sell your property, needs to be neutral and a blank canvas for would be buyers. A neutral look is necessary, vivid colours and designs alienate some buyers. Your property should appeal to all potential buyers. A neutral colour scheme doesn’t offend anyone , this should be put into practice.

Home improvements should be kept to a minimum to protect property values

Potential buyers must be able to imagine themselves living in your property. Niche improvements, make it impossible for them to make an offer for the property. House builders, use interior decorators to make their homes appeal to most parts of the population. A few tips can be sought from this.

Interior wall coverings can dramatically affect house prices

Your taste in decorating maybe is not a buyers choice. painting rooms pink or strong colours may alienate potential buyers. Potential buyers don’t necessarily want to spend extra money to re-decorate their new abode. Neutral colours are most realistic colour to choose, if you want a potential buyer for your property. First time buyers, want to move into the property straight away. Nothing must stop that from happening and have a negative affect on the house sale prices.

Niche exterior finishes can lower property values

Stone cladding was a popular exterior feature in the 1970’s and 80’s and was well recognised in the UK. However, tastes have changed over the years, and this feature is thought of as distasteful and perhaps garish. Careful consideration, should be given to exterior improvements, because it is so difficult to reverse. Painting your house blue, will alienate a proportion of potential buyers who consider property values as a part of house buying process.

The shape of rooms can affect property prices

L shaped rooms and irregular shaped rooms are opposed to homes with well proportioned rooms, square or rectangular in shape are preferred. If you have irregular shaped rooms, perhaps renovations might prove cost effective in house valuations. If contemplating an extension, it is best to stick to rectangles and squares. Anything else may be considered niche and house prices may be reduced. can be checked for land registry prices in the area. Reductions, in home improvements and property values can be linked to niche improvements. To obtain the optimum in house prices for home owners, is to make their property appealing to as many people as possible. ‘We Pay the Most’ is a fast selling agency.

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How to prepare your property for sale – Tips for selling

It is a major decision to sell your property, not one to dither about. You must be clear and level headed and organised to complete the process. Several issues need to be addressed, before even thinking about potential buyers, viewing your abode. Potential buyers, will be relentless in their pursuit of a new home. A property that they can emotionally connect with. They will also be aware of practical considerations involved in buying a house.

It is important to prepare your current home and documentation in advance. This will make the process less stressful and less of a burden. This preparation needs to be attended to before, commencing to find a new property for yourself and your own family.

Steps to sell your property -Portraying your property in a good light to potential viewers.

Preparing your home for inspection from potential buyers takes a great deal of time and effort, to portray your property in a good light. it is more than a quick tidy up that is generally needed. creating a good first impression for viewings is a must. To allow the imagination of the potential home buyer to paint their own futures in your property, has a potential to secure a speedy sale with a satisfactory house price as well.

Here are 6 tips to help with ‘staging’ your home for viewings and a potential house sale

* 1 Your house should provide a ‘blank canvas’ to the potential buyer. They need a clear space to formulate a picture and build up a framework to living in your property. Family photos should be removed. Nobody is really interested in looking at them, although they may evoke precious memories to you. Rooms should be painted in neutral colours and any niche furnishings should be out of view.

*2 Clutter should be removed, and any personal belongings stored out of sight. It is an important part of ‘staging’ your rooms. They can make a mental plan of where their furniture and their possessions will fit into the rooms. It would be very difficult to do this in a cluttered and over filled room.

* 3 Don’t ‘dump’ your belongings in the nearest cupboard. Organise cupboards, storage spaces and wardrobes to house neatly your possessions. Many potential buyers, insist on not only looking round the property, but explore cupboards and every nook and cranny of your premises, whether you want them to or not.

* 4 make sure all those repair jobs are done, the ones that you have been putting off for ages. Attention to detail is important. Whether it is a cupboard handle that is loose or a loose floorboard or other minor defects. Fixing these, in themselves small jobs will make your home more appealing to potential buyers when selling your house privately. Projecting a well maintained and cared for home. Most buyers, don’t want to have to worry about doing these repairs, when moving is such a stressful ordeal on its own.

* 5 ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ so the saying goes. Keep your house pristine at all times. A viewing could be sprung on you at any time, and a potential viewer could call when you least expect them to. Try to get into a good habit of cleaning. Don’t put off cleaning, thinking it can be done tomorrow. If a thorough cleaning is necessary, it maybe an idea to hire a professional cleaning company, for an in-depth clean. This could save time and effort, if time is an issue.

* 6 First impressions sell a house, this has been confirmed by many experts. Estate agents call this ‘kerb appeal‘ Not only the inside of the property needs attention and maintenance, but the exterior is also important. Tidy gardens, and well maintained exteriors create a good image to the potential buyer. The moment the viewer, enters over the threshold and pulls up at the door even , is the time when the process of selling the property has begun. To achieve a satisfactory price for your property, you must be prepared to provoke emotions in the buyer, that they must have your property to live in.

Putting together information to give to potential buyers

Providing viewers with details of past utility bills, gas, electric, water rates, gives them an insight about running costs. This may prove an asset and help towards a sale, if running costs are within their budget.

Buyers need to estimate the cost of moving, which may need to be added to the initial house valuation for the property. It may be an idea to choose and hire an estate agent, who is well versed in procedures and add ons of service charges associated with the sale of your property. They can handle and inform the potential buyer of these extra charges without a delay.


Buyers are cautious about buying property, every aspect needs to be covered before a sale is proceed-able. It is an idea to have relevant documentation at hand, to slay their fears and give them peace of mind, showing everything is legal and above board. Producing certificates that are relevant to your house. If the buyer intends to rent out the property and be a landlord with a tenant, details of any gas certificates and gas appliances need to be viewed.

Any planning permissions that have been granted for example , an extension, needs to be on hand when selling the property. Further reports, such as copies of environmental searches, and a home condition report, will make sure and confirm that everything is above board. Providing this information will hopefully speed up the process, legally when an offer is made and result in a hassle free sale.

There are lots of elements, which work together to formulate the selling process. To sell efficiently, relies on marketing, organisation and legal knowledge. All of these processes can be managed to a high standard by a property specialist or estate agent.

There are numerous differing properties on offer for sale in many areas. Careful preparations and expert help, will normally be enough to give you the edge on selling your property at a competitive price.

We hoped you have gained a little insight into preparing your property for a successful sale.

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